Exclusive Interview With Maryam Ndukwe of Classic Makeova

Exclusive Interview With Maryam Ndukwe of Classic Makeova




Exclusive Interview With Maryam Ndukwe of Classic Makeova

Maryam Ndukwe Victoria,

Ceo of Classic Makeova is a young Entrepreneur , Professional makeup artist and Sfx

Specialist whose career has been on the rise ever since she stepped into the Makeup and effects scene,Born in Lagos,Nigeria,She has been a Style lover from a tender age, started exploring her talents right  from school days as one of the Most talented  graduate of Political science from Lagos State University (LASU),  Also a Member of  Creative Designers Guild of Nigeria (CDGN).

She took out some time to talk to us about Life,Being a Celebrity makeup artist and the struggles…



Lovable Vibes : Hi Maryam,  On behalf of  the entire Entertainment Bulletin Team , I would like to say how proud we are for your achievements so far, . Welcome to this interview.

First, what motivated you to to become A Professional Makeup artist and Sfx specialist.

Maryam classic : First I have always loved to See people look good, secondly I really have passion for it. So the only way for me to accomplish that was to go for it.

Lovable Vibes : Wow nice,Who will you say is your idol or mentor ?


Maryam classic: My father and God.

Lovable Vibes : Okay Apart from God as an Idol, as a makeup artiste you must have a mentor right I mean who you would call someone you like to be or become in the nearest future

Maryam classic: Fabrice Mahabo


Lovable Vibes : To those of us that doesn’t know Fabrice Mahabo,  please can you introduce us?

Maryam classic: He is a professional makeup artist, form France who also has a brand of his own. (black up)

Lovable Vibes : How did you become so good in this field of Lifestyle and Beauty

Maryam classic: Time and consistency.

Lovable Vibes : Should we describe u as another Nigeria woman or just a woman on your own chasing your dreams?


Maryam classic: Just a woman on her own dreams.


Lovable Vibes : You have Featured as a makeup artiste in not less than 30 Nollywood movies and Music Videos,

What would you say was the cutting edge of this achievements ans how long have you been doing this?

Maryam classic: Time and consistency, like the saying that goes… anything worth doing is worth doing well. Willing to learn something new is always the ultimate in life, It helps your growth skills.

Lovable Vibes: Cutting age means the break through of all the achievements which job was it?,

Maryam classic: I have seven years experience in the field. In my cutting edge of  being a Makeup artist, I think I have actually achieved a lot  in creating some of the effect b


acking in the make of  home movies,  such as limiting  those asses  of going abroad in search of some of these materials (SFX effect) needed in the home movies. At list most of those are my contributions.

Lovable Vibes : What movies would you call your break through jobs??

Maryam classic: Wow! they are quite a alot Example are Excess luggage,  DE’ Adura,  Loving Daniella, Boss of all bosses, Professor John bull,Strange madness to mention but few.

Lovable Vibes : Who would you say is your rival in the industry?


Maryam classic: As far as I’m concerned everything is normal, so I have no rival. I believe life is what you make out of it. So Be confident of yourself and do what is right.


Lovable Vibes : What’s next in Plan for you,now that you are established?

Maryam classic: I want to empower  youths and establish them into entrepreneurs,  and as well as to have all my dreams actualized.

Lovable Vibes : Wow That’s Great, They say Behind Every successful Lady there’s a man by Her side,who is the ideal King running your Kingdom ?


Maryam classic: Awww nobody for now.

Lovable Vibes : Have you Found Any yet or Still Looking out for?

Maryam classic:  Im Still Expecting the ideal man.


Lovable Vibes : Which do you prefer? Africa /Europe/America /Asia /UK?

Maryam classic: It’s not about where he is from, it’s about the two parties being compatible .

Lovable Vibes : What I mean is what continent would you rather come from…

Maryam classic: Since I have found my home in Africa, every other place is secondary too me.

Lovable Vibes : Alright, alright Maryam where should we be looking out for you in 3 years Time?


Maryam classic: Am a Nigerian of origin, so I will still be here salvaging all good things life has to offer.

Lovable Vibes : Any words for Ladies that would wish to walk in your shoes or become a glamour queen and effects specialist?

Maryam classic: Stay Focused and Never let Your dreams die.

Lovable Vibes : Ok thank you for your time,

You can reach Maryam On all social media platforms via @Classic_makeova.

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