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It’s commonly said that ladies are often inhibited than the male folks. How true!
There is hardly a girl who isn’t guilty when it comes to comporting herself when a crush is around.
However, there are a few who don’t consider it a big deal flirting with the guy giving them sleepless nights.

They walk up to him and say how they are feeling at the moment and that ends it. Quiet girls would rather die than make the first move. Even when they try, it’s usually filled with embarrassing moments. How sad!
I want to share some of them with you:
1. Wait till eternity for him to talk to you even if you are dying inside
Most times, she acts stern just to get his attention. Other times, she brings up a topic she knows must get his contribution, maybe in a small group meeting still to hear his voice. And when eventually he speaks, you are like…blushing…

2. Stare at your crush until they notice you, then look away really quickly and act like you don’t know they exist.
One lady once told me, if I like a guy, I make life miserable for him. I ignore him like hell. This is an epitome;

3. Act weird and strange when before their crush.
When she begins to act like she is crazy by asking random questions or walking away in the midst of a convo, look at this picture again;

4. They are always battling with the urge to say Hi to him

Being shy, they often overcome such temptation. All along she was like…
5. They literally like all his social media activities and it’s from there they track him

Guys, you’ve got a monitoring spirit who knows you better than most of your friends…

6. They get butterflies meeting him personally but not when chatting

While chatting, she feels like a Lioness.

7. Shy girls are good planners

They don’t want to sound stupid when talking to him so they plan out what topics to bring up and what time to bring them up.

8. Whether intentionally or not, if their arms brush against their crush’s, they will rejoice for days and sometimes months.

9. They chat boldly with every guy BUT not with the one they are crushing, Open with other guys but numb before him.

10. Tell everyone how you feel about your crush, except him.

11. Only send him true feelings through text.

12. Refuse to flirt until you are quite sure he is flirting with you

That moment when you just met and she’s watching your steps and don’t wanna look cheap or hungry for a boyfriend…

13. Hold eye contact for a while because you read you should do that then feeling awkward about it.

14. Go places you know he will be at, not really stalking him but hoping you might get to talk with him.

15. Fidget like a manic when talking to him/her, whether you’re tapping your feet,stammering, playing with your hair, or cracking your knuckles.

This is the surest and most common sign a shy girl sends to her crush.

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