LV EDITORIAL : South Africa Hip Hop Diss Tracks That Went Too Far

LV EDITORIAL : South Africa Hip Hop Diss Tracks That Went Too Far

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South Africa Hip Hop Diss Tracks That Went Too Far and took the beef to a whole new level. Hip Hop is a contact sport and it’s clear that there is no way we can have an industry of rappers and expect there to be no beef. Beef is cool when rappers challenge each other and go head-to-head on wax. We have decided to compile a list of the disses that we feel went a bit too far:


F.W.S – Reason

Reason took shots at every rapper he feels like he is better than on F.W.S after the MTV Basetop 10 list was put out. “Guess I need to start talking all that ign’ant shit/ Empty words that can fill a club and make sisters dip/ Remix some kwaito shit and invent a dance/ Kill a show, make a lotta dough and say I’m the best/ I’m the best, n*gga, I’m the best/ Put us all on one song, I can show you all I can cause some stress” said the rapper on the heartfelt record.




L-Tido – Black suit

L-Tido went on to drop a hard diss record at the height of his beef with the Supa Mega. AKA had challenged Tido to a rap battle and when L-Tido never showed up, Doro Mega dropped a harsh diss track which 16V responded to saying, “I don’t care if you’re part of IV League/ You’re not in my league/ Imma expose you and give the public a taste of the truth/ You don’t really make beats, you’re just the face of the group.”




Blaklez – Goodnight

Blaklez had a beef with AKA in 2009 which ended up in the rappers exchanging diss tracks and Lez came out guns blazing. “Saying you the best in public/ But face to face with me you wanna change the subject/ And I’d rather hear Da Les on auto-tune/ At least he can dance, tell me what the hell you can do” asked Blaklez.



AKA – Composure

The Supa Mega dropped Composure which is a very personal song at the climax of his beef with with Cassper. In the song he takes aim at Nyovest saying, “That’s the problem with new school cats/ Took your style from Malumkoolkat/ I throw my hands in the dirt/ Such a pity you can’t dance on a verse.” This was very personal because Cassper and Okmalumkoolkat used to be friends but fell out when Okmalum accused Nyovest of stealing his dances.



Cassper Nyovest – Dust 2 Dust

The New Age Doc Shebeleza came in the game a very nice dude but as we know the entertainment industry changes people. Cassper Nyovest went at AKA on Dust 2 Dust after AKA dropped Composure. This has to be the most personal record in the history of SA Hip Hop. The radio did not play the record because they said the content on the song was too explicit.




Riky Rick – Le Mpitse

King Kotini went at his old label boss after tumi had posted a picture of a Family Values Plaque that he got from Riky. “What happened to Riky?/ What happened to Riky’s the same thing that happened to 50/ What happened to you?/ I paid you your money I thought it was through but eish!/ Niggas wanna say my name cause they see me blowing up/ Now they mad cause a nigga changed lanes/ Mad cause a nigga made change/ Now a nigga main change/ Y’all should wait until I hit you with the range.




Cassper Nyovest – Beef

Cassper Nyovest was trigger happy on this record. Unlike Dust 2 Dust, Cassper Nyovest wasn’t going for one rapper or just rappers, he was going at everyone he felt had beef with him and he was unapologetic about it. Cassper took aim at AKA, DJ Vigilante and admitted to not being cool with Cashtime.




Riky Rick – Sidlukotini

Sidlukotini is not a diss track but, Riky Rick released the song soon after he lost to Emtee at the Awards and he had a lyric that said “And if niggas can pay for these fucking awards, Then my nigga I don’t want ’em.” With the chain of events, this line insinuated that Ambitious Entertainment was paying for awards.




Emtee – Amamenemene

Emtee did not take time to respond to Riky’s diss. “This rappers ain’t gangster they all in their feelings/ You’ll never be better than me and i mean it/ How you hate me/ Just cause i’m winning/ You got the cotton/ And i got the Linen/ People love me i ain’t did nothing wrong/ It’s funny how you wanted me on your song/ You thought you be the one putting me on/ Look now you failing/ Uzoba strong.”




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