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50 Cent Woke Up & Chose Violence With Lil Mo Over Fat Joe’s Disrespect

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50 Cent chimes in on Lil Mo saying Fat Joe’s “dusty b*tches” insult was “vile and triggering.”

50 Cent isn’t known for holding his tongue. When he has something to say, he’ll blurt it out without thinking twice about it. That’s precisely what happened on Thursday morning when the rapper commented on Fat Joe’s disrespectful insult toward Lil Mo and Vita during Verzuz.

In case you didn’t catch Fat Joe’s Verzuz battle against Ja Rule a couple of days ago, one moment, in particular, has got people talking. During the performance at Madison Square Garden, Ja Rule brought out Lil Mo and Vita on stage. Following their appearance, Fat Joe said over the microphone that they’re “dusty b*tches” and suggested that Ja found them at the “crack house.”

After Lil Mo said that Joe’s words were “vile” and “triggering,” the rapper apologized on multiple platforms, but of course, 50 Cent needed to chime in before everything was said and done.

Ever the pop culture commentator, 50 Cent spoke on Fat Joe’s disrespect and said, “ok scratch that off the list, can’t say dusty b*tches or crack head anymore. wait, is this official because Gucci man is smoking on pooky loc i’m just asking for a friend.”

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Fiddy is referring to Gucci Mane and Jeezy’s Verzuz from several months ago, during which Gucci disrespectfully told Jeezy he was “smoking” on his dead friend Pookie Loc’s ashes after performing his diss record against the rapper. If that could slide, 50 seemingly thinks that “dusty b*tches” is tame.

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