6 Interesting Facts About Tems You Probably Didn’t Know


6 Interesting Facts About Tems You Probably Didn’t Know

Here are 6 interesting facts about Tems you probably didn’t know in this editorial. Many of you might just have heard of her in her collaborative role in Wizkid’s “Essence”, Tems is much more than that. She’s got an impressive resume which all started when she released the 2019 single “Try Me” which announced her to the world as a star to keep an eye for.

Tems has been sensational ever since that entry single with an iconic voice and an irresistible beauty to match. Her talented vocals and lyrical creativity earned her a place in Wizkid’s globally acclaimed “Made In Lagos” 2020 album where she featured in the record-breaking and chart-topping single “Essence”.

Here are 6 Interesting Facts About Tems You Probably Didn’t Know

Interesting facts about singer Tems you probably didn't know

1. She was into Marketing before Music

Not many know that Tems was a former marketing executive and has two degrees under her belt. She worked as a marketer after graduating from the University in South Africa. Her parents decided it was best she garnered some working experience so becoming a marketing executive was the best call to make at the time.

Born Temilade Openiyi, Tems had her primary education briefly in Ilupeju Lagos, before her mum moved to Ajah – another part of Lagos where she continued with her education in Dowen College, Lekki. After wrapping up her secondary school education, she moved to college in South Africa where she bagged a degree in Economics.

Tems and her mother

2. She is Half-British, Half Nigerian

Tems is British by descent since her father is British and her mother a Nigerian. Although she barely fits the prospect in appearance as she’s not overly light-skinned and flaunting curly natural blonde or brunette hair, she is by style, culture, and in her taste of music.

She was however born in Nigeria so that makes her a Nigerian by birth and by maternal roots, but her family moved to the UK after she was born. A divorce took place between her parents when she was 5, and then she returned to Nigeria with her mother where they settled at llupeju.

Tems is a Talented Record Producer

3. She is a Talented Record Producer

Beyond just singing, Tems is a talented record producer and produces her own music all by herself. Surprisingly, she taught herself how to produce songs with help from YouTube after getting frustrated with the kind of crappy beats producers kept sending to her. So she decided it was best to create the beats herself.

90% of the songs on her “Broken Ears” maiden EP were produced by her, and all of the songs were written by her as well. In an interview with Okay Africa, Tems narrated that she produced the single “Ice T” by blending series of sounds and downright tweaking some of them to come up with the beats and bring the song to the limelight.

Things About Tems You Probably Didn’t Know

4. She Sourced Inspiration from Beyonce and Alicia Keys

Beyonce and her defunct Destiny Child’s music group played a major role in the developmental stages of Tems musical career. At a very tender age, she loved music to a Tee, and would admire the likes of Alicia Keys and Beyonce. Little wonder the 26-year alt-R&B singer sounds like Beyonce pretty much these days.

From idolizing the American singing superstars, she began singing their songs and mimicking their voices trying to perform it better than them. Today she’s doing pretty fine from modeling after those musical gems.

Tems Appeared on Barack Obama’s Playlist

5. She has Appeared on Barack Obama’s Playlist Twice

You know what it means for your song to be on the playlist of a former American president, Barack Obama. It equates to prestige, recognition, and the fact that the quality of music you dole out is recognized and consumed by Kings. That’s the exact feeling Tems had when her song was featured in Obama’s summer playlist twice. Tems was featured in the remix of Khalid’s song “Know Your Worth” alongside Davido and was enlisted in the Summer playlist of Barack Obama in 2020.

And then the prodigious “Essence” where she was featured by Wizkid made it to Obama’s Playlist in the same 2020.

Tems & Wizkid Debut On Billboard Hot 100 For Essence

6. She Appeared on Billboard Hot 100 for the First Time in 2021 Breaking a Record

In 2021, Wizkid and Essence became the first Nigerians to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 music chart with their song “Essence”. The song debuted at No.82 in its first week and went on to peak at No.72 as of July 21, 2021. This had flown her flag higher than ever as she became a global sensation and even has pictures featured on the colorful digital billboards on Times Square New York.

2020 was an awesome year for Tems, but no doubt 2021 was the year she dined with the stars of her destiny.

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