7de Laan Fans Jump In To Save The Show. The power of an online petition can never be taken lightly. Remember when there was an online petition to bring back SK Khoza to The Queen! The award wining actor’s exit from the show was short lived, after fans pleaded with the producers to bring him back. Although his character was murdered, the writers had to find a way to rise him from the dead.

A few weeks ago, Queen Sono fans also took to Twitter to launch an online petition for the return of the series. It was announced a few weeks ago that season two of Queen Sono will not be proceeding because of Covid-19. An online petition is circulating on twitter to bring back the show. It’s still early days, and we will see how this pens out in the log run.

Another show which has prove that it has loyal viewers is 7de Laan. Fans of the long ruining SABC2 soapie were not impressed at the news doing the rounds that the show will be only air three days a week from April 2021. They demand that 7de Laan remain to be on air for five days as it always has been. So far over 1 200 people have signed the petition.

7de Laan recently achieved the milestone of airing their 5000th episode and are part of our households for over 20 years.


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