A new plan to end load shedding FAST ‘includes tax breaks’ for consumers


Is this the blueprint to get Eskom firing on all cylinders once more? A leading energy analyst has proposed a set of actions that could help alleviate the stress of load shedding in the short-term – and some facets of the plan include ‘incentives’ for electricity users across Mzansi.

The new plan to end load shedding: How would it work?

Chris Yelland is a top expert in this particular field. He believes his proposals will provide a rapid solution to the problems decimating Eskom and the South African energy grid. Several practical steps – involving government intervention and increased power supplies – do most of the talking.

However, Yelland also states that customers could be encouraged to ‘become part of the solution’, with things like tax breaks and feed-in tariffs being punted. If Eskom give a little to the public, who knows, perhaps they’ll get a little in return. This new plan makes the following proposals:

  • SA must introduce 10 000 MW of wind and solar power to the national grid, and add another 5 000 MW of battery storage capacity by 2024.
  • Eskom leaders and officials in the presidency must create a ‘national priority project’, to remove any obstacles for investment into the energy grid.
  • Bring back the National Command Council, as we had for COVID-19, to enact emergency powers and declare laws that help ease power shortages.
  • Suspend the current Integrated Resources Plan (IRP) established in 2019, to allow for further emergency interventions at Eskom.
  • Government should incentivize electricity customers to be part of the solution, offering ‘tax breaks’ to relevant consumers.
  • You can see the full document produced by Mr. Yelland here…

Can tax breaks, Command Councils, and alternative power sources lift us out of the darkness?

South Africa has hit rock bottom in its load shedding situation. Stage 6 cuts are scheduled for the week, marking the worst individual round of power outages ever witnessed in the country. Yelland, however, is adamant that a set of swift interventions could help ease the pain:

“Load shedding can be ended within two years from the green light to proceed. The starting point should be a simple, clear statement of national intent by government, Eskom, metro municipalities and customers of electricity, namely: END LOAD SHEDDING FAST.”

“This will not be an easy task, but it is most definitely achievable if stakeholders are committed and determined. No naysayers or problem raisers should be tolerated – only problem solvers and solution providers.”

Chris Yelland

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