A-Reece Releases Highly Anticipated Mixtape “Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory”

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A-Reece shadowboxes with a bold display of lyrical muscle on his highly anticipated mixtape “Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory”.

After a year long hiatus, A-Reece has found comfort in soulful boom-bap beats where he pens down what’s in his mental. “Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory” is an emotional exorcism ridding Reece of fear, doubt and grief. The mixtape gets special appearances by newly heard Belosalo, Wordz, Ayanda Jiya and rap veteran Stogie T.

At the end of the mixtape on track 13, titled “DOTTED LINEZ”, A-Reece and Mashbeatz insert a skit mentioning “To be continued on the next episode of -“.. This leaves listeners on a cliffhanger, as we know that he is working on releasing the official album “PARADISE 2”.

Enter the matrix right now.

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