A Chick-fil-A in Tennesse needs some help finding their missing sign. 

In social media posts shared earlier this week, a Chick-fil-A rep from the restaurant located in the Alcoa area shared that their sign had gone missing. In return, whoever comes forward with the sign will receive a year’s worth of free food.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

“We need your help!” the post reads. “Our sign has disappeared and we need help to find it! Whoever turns it in will be asked no questions. We are awarding our finder Chick-fil-A for a year (52 digital offer cards) when the sign is returned.”

The original Facebook post has since received national attention from the New York Post and more. The comments include jokes about joining a search party and some speculative comments about recent storm damage causing the sign to go missing. There’s still no update on the missing sign. 

Per Complex, this wouldn’t be the first time that Chick-fil-A has had some random issue. Back in 2020, a woman pretended to be an FBI agent to get a free meal. Kimberly Ragsdale posed as an FBI agent to get a free meal but was later arrested and charged with impersonating an officer. 

During her arrest, she also tried to deceive local police. She pretended to speak into a radio that was allegedly hidden under her shirt, requesting that the FBI send someone to help her. She also claimed that her FBI credentials were only available digitally when asked for identification.