Aaron Rodgers had a rough weekend as the Green Bay Packers were upset by the San Francisco 49ers, in a devastating fashion. The Packers were supposed to win the Super Bowl this year, but instead, they are now going to experience another year of pain, especially with Rodgers contemplating his future.

Following the game, many were quick to pounce on Rodgers with the vaccine jokes. Of course, Rodgers lied about being vaccinated months ago, and he has since become a vocal critic of COVID-19 mandates. While speaking to Pat McAfee today, Rodgers spoke about the slander, noting that it was something he was expecting.

“There were a ton of people rooting against us because of my vaccination status & them wanting to see us lose so they could pile on.. we knew this was coming down the pipe at some point,” Rodgers said.

The Packers quarterback then went on to speak about the nature of his previous comments, noting that he isn’t trying to embolden either side with his thoughts. “I realize that I’ve been divisive this season by my vaccination status & my willingness to talk about it. I take accountability for that & I never wanted to be a divisive polarizing figure on this.”

People on Twitter can be extraordinarily harsh, and when it comes to Rodgers, even doubly so. As for his career, moving forward, it seems like a lot is still up in the air.