Aewon Wolf Pleads With Fikile Mbalula To Save His Hood! Earlier this month a woman was stabbed by a gangster because she refused to give the man her phone number. This caught Aewon’s attention since it happened in the same place he grew up.

The person who allegedly stabbed her was identified by the police. He was released after a short while. The man is a feared member in society both by the police and citizens who live in the Durban society.

Aewon Wolf was disturbed by this and went on twitter to ask the minister of police to apply pressure so the police “Step up”.

“@FikileMbalula please look into this and put pressure where u can for the police in the area to step up. I grew up here, the people of Isipingo are good people but criminals are getting away with everything these days that side” tweeted Aewon Wolf.



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