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Air Canada Passenger Stuck On Abandoned Plane After Falling Asleep

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“I thought, this is a nightmare.”

An Air Canada passenger had a frightening experience lately when she woke up in a “completely pitch black” aircraft after falling asleep. Tiffani Louise O’Brien flew from Quebec city to Toronto after spending the weekend with a friend. The passenger boarded Air Canada Flight 1799 on June 9th and fell asleep during her flight, but was never alerted of their arrival. As such, when she woke up inside an empty, dark and locked plane on the tarmac of the Toronto Pearson International Airport, she became extremely panicked. “I thought, this is a nightmare,” O’Brien shared with CTV News. “This is not happening. I’m having a bad dream. Wake up, Tiffani.” 

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The passenger recalls getting a few text messages from the friend she was visiting in Quebec city, Deanna Noel-Dale, who had also previously dropped her off at the airport. The texts came in around 11:45 pm local time which woke O’Brien up. That was when she realized she was trapped on the plane. O’Brien tried to FaceTime Noel-Dale, but their conversation was cut upon the phone battery dying. O’Brien then attempted to find a way out of the airplane without utilizing her phone too much as she had no way of charging it. After repeated attempts to reach her friend, the concerned friend alerted Pearson Airport of the situation. O’Brien eventually found a flashlight to signal for help but was unsuccessful. Luckily, eventually, she was rescued. Robin Smith, a spokesperson for the airport acknowledged the situation and shared the passenger’s concern. They will follow up with O’Brien and remain in contact.


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