AKA and Priddy Ugly appears to be on different sides over rap battles or beef among rappers in the industry.

While Supa Mega preached on the essence of beef to elevate their career among other rappers in the industry, Priddy kicked against it by emphasising on the need of unity.

AKA further took Priddy down memory lane on how he energized the female rappers in the industry, years back. He also said that unity is not entertaining.

“Unity is not entertaining. The people want to be entertained. That’s what they pay for. Give it to them. This is the MUSIC BUSINESS not crèche.”

“Let’s also not forget that I WAS THE ONE who put all those emcees on the baddest remix with ALL FEMALE RAPPERS before y’all thought it was cool.”

AKA’s followers also reacted to the tweets.

Priddy Ugly slammed beef between female rappers due to the abuse that was protested against by women in SA weeks ago.

“I feel you bro. But check, you and @YoungstaCpt didn’t have to battle it out to put on for all the Coloured mense, y’all coming together & putting out heat is what is instilling that PRIDE. That is Hip Hop AF! No war needed at all & y’all get to trade ‘n share bags now, win,” Priddy added.

“People think that beef ends on social media. Beef can be inherited too, wena u think it’s just a diss on a song or stage, & it’s just between u & whoever u beefing with. Until u offend the wrong people, people who dont care about u or responding via tweet. Beef can make u bleed.”

“Woman are already lit. If more females supported each other instead of dragging each other & hating on each other, woman would be untouchable! Most men are driven by pride & ego, but woman are passionate, nurturing & loving – that strength limitless. Egos get bruised easily>” Priddy said.


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