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AKA Says His Immaturity Slowed His Success Down! For a while now AKA has been a very vocal person about his opinions even when they were not accepted by people. The rapper says that this was him being immature and it slowed his success down.

“I don’t know if you guys can recall but I used to be a bit of a loud mouth… erm… on social media. I wasn’t very mature. So at the time, there wasn’t as many offers or options I have now,” said AKA speaking at the Cruz Watermelon launch which took place late last week.

The rapper went on to say “Everything that we are doing, I’ve realised now – maybe me getting older or being a father – that I am not doing this just for me. I am doing everything the way I am, so that other artists can get the same type of deals. We want to be remembered for what we did, for the industry, for the culture and not just for ourselves”.

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