Akbar V Publicly Humiliates Shekinah

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In this week’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode, Mimi blasts Stevie J for sabotaging her relationships, Young Joc gets in trouble for flirting with some hairstylists, Akbar V puts Shekinah on blast publicly and things go left at a couple’s seminar.

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead.  


Mimi and Stevie J were at crosshairs in this week’s episode. According to Mimi’s girlfriend, Ty, Stevie J has been continuously taunting her and their relationship via social media. Stevie J even went on to tell Ty that she should consider adopting the daughter he shares with Mimi. Ty brought the issue to Mimi and as such, the couple thought it best to have Stevie J finally addressed. Mimi barged in on Stevie J’s studio session and confronted him. Following what appeared to be an attempt at a mature, adult conversation, things quickly turned sour as Mimi began growing annoyed with Stevie J’s antics. Their conversation ended with Mimi getting physical which made Stevie J leave the room.

Although Stevie has been dating Faith Evans for some time now, Mimi is convinced his attacks on Ty are fueled by jealousy. Could this be true? Does Stevie J truly not want to let Mimi go? We hope to gain greater insight on this in the upcoming episodes.  


Despite Sierra ruining her opportunity to speak to Hiram Hicks & Stevie J, Akbar V was able to snag a studio session with Hiram. After the two chopped it up in the studio, Hiram introduced Akbar V to his wife, Pooh Hicks. The two got friendly very quickly and began discussing the drama that had been going on throughout the season. The two bonded over their equal dislike of Sierra, Shekinah and Tokyo Vanity. Surprisingly, Akbar V admitted to having beef with Shekinah because she had a child with one of Shekinah’s ex-boyfriends. Akbar V alleged that Shekinah has since been throwing shade at her. 

Pooh, who always finds her way in the middle of all drama, encouraged Akbar V to crash Rasheeda and Kirk’s couple seminar to address Shekinah. And like clockwork, Akbar V showed up to the seminar. Akbar viciously attacked Shekinah and threw some serious accusations at her as well. The whole thing ended in a messy fight.


As seen in the previous episode, Young Joc asked Shekinah to hit up his hair salon to see why the business was doing so poorly. Yet when Shekinah showed up and further investigated, she realized there was more to it than Joc let on. Joc’s business partner, Sharonda, claimed business was impacted by Joc’s unprofessionalism towards the stylists. The reality star was accused of flirting with the new hires, which made it difficult for Sharonda to exercise her authority and keep the business afloat. Shekinah shared the news with Karlie in this week’s episode, hence it is only a matter of time before everyone finds out.

Additionally, Joc met up with his baby mothers to let them know he was interested in marrying Kendra. Although they initially showed some skepticism in Joc’s ability to remain faithful to Kendra, they were still approving of it. They even requested to meet with Kendra to offer their blessing. 


Rasheeda and Kirk’s continued support to couples reflected in the launch of a couple’s seminar in this week’s episode. Most of the cast was in attendance and Shekinah was the host. Kirk and Rasheeda were questioned on several aspects of their successful marriage and things got incredibly awkward. It seemed as though the couple did not always agree on certain topics and the latter only hinted at an underlying issue they were not discussing. We previously saw what went down when Jasmine and Rasheeda met up to talk. Moreover, Kirk admits that ever since it happened, Rasheeda has been distant. Prior to things going left for the couple on a public platform, Akbar V showed up and put Shekinah on blast. The unexpected fight took the attention away from the couple’s troubles, but all still noticed the tension. 

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