Candice Modiselle: All women should get sanitary pads for free
Actress Candice Modiselle has shared her belief that sanitary pads should be free for all women in SA, and her fans agree.

Hundreds of thousands of girls across the planet don’t have access to reproductive health care products, and therefore the race to repair these global problems has been on since the start of your time.
Candice Modiselle: All women should get sanitary pads for free
In the latest “what should be, but is not” challenge that had tongues wagging on Twitter, the TL has been abuzz with ideas and activism which may mean something.

Candice took part during a viral Twitter trend that saw many activists with cyber influence plan to bring attention to the matter of each woman wanting to have access to sanitary pads. The actress’ response has warmed the hearts of her fans.

After a tweep asked “what should be free, but isn’t”, Candice responded with one among the most important issues SA women face: sanitary pads.

Fans replied by matching the star’s energy, saying Candice was only spitting #facts and speaking the reality .

Here are a number of their reactions:

With her appearance within the latest Stay Free feminine pads advert, Candice often speaks out about the problems women face daily.

In 2017, the star took to Twitter to ask fans to donate feminine hygiene products to a “pad drive” to assist women across the country have access to sanitary pads.
Candice Modiselle: All women should get sanitary pads for free
In an interview with The Daily Mint in 2018, Candice opened about her views on feminism during Women’s Month. The TV host said women empowerment can only happen when the youths’ cries for help are heard by leaders.

“We can protest all we would like , but until our leaders account, acknowledge and start to rework the system as leaders should, we’ll remain within the devastating state that we’re in. The youth’s voices got to be heard,” said Candice.


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