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The party claims last week’s adjournment by the speaker was a clear plot to give ‘the DA space to breathe’.

The African National Congress (ANC) Johannesburg region claims a plot to derail Wednesday’s council meeting is well underway should things not go in favour of the Democratic Alliance (DA).

A vote to decide the new mayor of Johannesburg is expected in the council chambers on Wednesday. The ANC claim in a statement they are aware of a plan by the DA to collapse the council meeting should things not work in the DA-led coalition’s favour.

“We want to assure the residents of Johannesburg that tomorrow the ANC and its partners in council will do everything possible to ensure that an executive mayor is elected and the government is formed.”

The party claims last week’s adjournment by the speaker was a clear plot to give “the DA space to breathe” but in tomorrow’s council meeting, “the DA is destined for the opposition benches”.

“The DA-led coalition’s continued sabotaging of the process is a clear indication of their desperate attempts to stay in power even when they know that as things stand, there is no government in Johannesburg. Their actions are a clear indication of the fact that they have little regard for service delivery and the well-being of Johannesburg residents.”

Speaker Vasco da Gama elaborated on his decision to postpone the mayoral election process on Thursday as a need to consult legal services to clarify on specific matters.

“I made a ruling in terms of the rules to postpone the meeting to December 4 and 5, 2019, in order to obtain an independent legal opinion from senior counsel to clarify the meaning of a majority of the votes as contained in the schedule.”

The DA defended its speaker’s decision, saying it was the correct and proper thing to do.

DA Gauteng chairperson Mike Moriarty said the speaker was avoiding possible court action challenging an uncertain result.

In other news – Khathaza Khanyile reportedly to have been fired from Uzalo

Just when viewers were intrigued by his story-line on the most-watched telenovela in Mzansi, Uzalo‘s Khathaza has allegedly been fired from the show. Spoiler alert: Khathaza’s departure will be the result of maNgcobo killing him.

Khathaza Khanyile

Khathaza Khanyile -who’s real name is Sibonile Ngubane- plays a businessman who has a personal agenda against Nkunzi Mhlongo (Masoja Msiza). He and his sister had planned to kill Nkunzi’s entire family until the unexpected happened when Khathaza fell in love with MaNgcobo, played by Dawn Thandeka King. continue reading

Source: The Citizen


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