Antonio Brown left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in peculiar circumstances a couple of weekends ago. By now, everyone should know that Brown stripped out of his gear and promptly threw it all away before running out of the arena shirtless. It was quite the scene, and fans still haven’t forgotten about it.

Over the weekend, Brown’s absence was felt as the Buccaneers struggled offensively in the first half against the Los Angeles Rams. In the end, the Bucs lost the game, much to the delight of Brown who was able to show people that he was a huge contributor to his former team. 

Antonio Brown

Elsa/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Brown was so happy about the loss, that he went to the XXIII club in Miami, where he partied it up with the patrons there. Eventually, Brown got hit with a $15,000 bill as he went all-in on the bottle service. Needless to say, it was a very good night for the club as it was a packed house, with many people trying to get a look at AB, who was simply living his best life following his newfound freedom from the Bucs franchise.

Of course, AB was very active on Twitter following the Bucs loss, as he posted the meme below. Clearly, Brown is still upset with his former team, and he will continue to slander them, for as long as he possibly can.