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Antonio Brown Shades Nike After Losing Endorsement Deal

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Brown was all over Twitter yesterday.

Antonio Brown has been a popular man when it comes to headlines these days. The superstar wide receiver has been exhibiting some bizarre antics and has found himself embroiled in numerous controversies. Yesterday, Brown claimed he would be making his way back to the NFL quite soon and even got into a back and forth Twitter beef with Los Angeles Rams safety Eric Weddle. Simply put, Brown is coming for everyone’s neck and he doesn’t really care who he offends in the process.

Lost in the midst of his Twitter antics yesterday, was the fact that he threw some lowkey shade at none other than sportswear giant, Nike. It was revealed just a couple of weeks ago that Nike had dropped their endorsement deal with Brown and now, he’s speaking out on it. In a tweet, Brown simply said “No more Nikes.”

Brown didn’t stop there as he also liked a tweet which pointed out some hypocrisy on Nike’s part. The tweet in question featured a screenshot from an article about how soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo had been accused of rape. As the fan points out, Ronaldo never lost his Nike sponsorship due to the allegations, while Brown did.

It’s clear the embattled NFL star has a few grudges right now and these tweets are his way of showing his frustrations. The only question now is: what will Brown do next?


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