Since Esther rejected Frodd’s advances last week, the two
have not being on talking terms. The #Bet9jaBBN housemates have however been
trying to mend the fence between the two.

“If people cannot handle their emotions, it’s not my job to
help them,” a visibly upset Esther lamented to Tuoyo as the topic focused on
the altercation between the two of them. “What of my own emotions?”, she
quipped as she remained resolved not to mend things with Frodd.

Ever since things turned sour between Easter and Frodd –
after the rejected romantic proposition, Housemates have been trying to help
both parties resolve their differences, but efforts seem futile.

Nelson’s attempt to get Esther to apologise met a brick wall. She opined Frodd was crying for nothing. “He’s the one that hurt me, he’s the one that’s crying. “

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