Big Daddy Kane Says Busta Rhymes’ Flow The Greatest In Hip-Hop –


To spread love is the Brooklyn way and Big Daddy Kane recently practiced that adage while extending high praise to fellow Brooklynite Busta Rhymes.

While at an event for Omar Epps’ upcoming film, The Devil You Know, the Hip-Hop icon took a moment to say that Busta has one of the illest flows he’s heard thus far. In a shared clip (below) that captures the two legends standing alongside each other, Kane looks squarely into the camera and begins to pay his respects to Busta’s skills as an emcee.

“Let me explain something to you, real talk, real quick. Hands down, greatest flow in Hip-Hop,” Kane said while gesturing toward Busta. “And anybody that wants to dispute me, this is what I want you to do. Listen to the original version of ‘Turn It Up’ from this man. The original version with the Al Green sample.”

The acknowledgment between the pair continued in the comments underneath the post, with Busta voicing his appreciation for Kane’s appraisal, writing “Salute Almighty!!!!” in response. Kane’s remarks about Busta is far from the first time he’s set his own legendry aside to compliment a lyrical predecessor.


In 2021, Kane revealed that out of the current crop of emcees in the game, J. Cole is his personal favorite, which he voiced to Cole during a run-in with the North Carolina spitter.

“A lot of people are coming to people like us now and giving us our flowers while we still here,” said Kane at the time. “But listen, damn that. I wanna give this young brother right here his flowers. On the real. I want this brother right here to know that he is my favorite MC out right now. This is the brother right here that makes me feel like hip-hop is still alive and here to stay, when I listen to this here brother spit and I listen to his music.”

Be on the lookout for Kane’s forthcoming Netflix documentary, Paragraphs I Manifest, in which he interviews Cole and other rap luminaries about the art and craft of emceeing and lyricism.

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