However, it turned out that the beauty flaunting her pregnant belly was NOT Mihlali, but American entrepreneur Gabrielle Jolie, who goes by @Thegabjolie on social media.

When South Africans began flooding her comments section with Mihlali mentions and shocked expressions, Jolie agreed that she and Mihlali probably shared ancestors.


Jonga! We ain’t even gonna front, we also did a double take and then some, like:


Adding to their shock at how similar the two look, tweeps were losing their minds over Mihlali being pregnant.

Why? Well, if you follow Mihlali, you know that moghel has previously shared intimate details about her family planning.

From that, we know that unless issa a miracle baby, Mihlali is on that five-year contraceptive, so pregnancy is the last thing tweeps can expect from the influencer.

Once that shock had worn off we were all mostly stunned by Mihlali having a lookalike.

Like an entire twin!

God really sat up there and decided to make not one but two people that gorgeous!

Check out the reactions:


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