Boity Thulo is someone who likes to stand up for what she believes in no matter what the consequences of her actions may be.

However, on this terms, she has come out to tackle the discriminators.

This is coming after she kicked off her drive to stop discrimination by confronting Nikon and Z 50 Creatives for pretty much hiding the one person of colour in their advertisement.

Boity made a statement in which she promised “I will confront you one by one,” and best believe this is exactly what she is doing.

If Boity sees anyone being discriminative, she will call them out.

She stated that discrimination needs to stop, be it racial, gender, class or any other category that separates us, it has no place in today’s society.

Boity then went on to confront a social media user who was being discriminative in terms of gender.

You can’t call South African women gold diggers and get away with it, shame! “Chelete, sweetie…. I welcome you with open arms, my love. Ska tshaba. You are free to stay with me forever. ❤️”

“Just by looking at you nje, I can smell that you’re a domkop! But at least you clarified that with this tweet. O apere panty mo tlhogong!”

Boity spread them positive brown girl vibes when responding to one of Pearl Modiadie’s posts.


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