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“Breaking Bad” Stars Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston Continue Teasing Mystery Project

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What are these two up to?

Last week, we reported on Breaking bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul teasing a new project — and we still have no idea what it is about. In what appears to be a cryptic message, the stars have both shared the same photo on their Instagram. The photos reveal two donkeys standing side by side to one another. Speculations thus far indicate that the two donkeys could be both Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston’s characters, but nothing is set in stone.  Considering the pair worked on one of the best television shows there ever was, fans have swarmed to the post with high expectations for the return of the beloved drama series. Not only were the same photos shared on their individual Instagram accounts, but they also tied with the same captions which read “soon.” Hence, we can surely expect for something, whatever it is, to drop soon. 

And now, they continued the teasing by both sharing identical photos. Only this time, the duo is in what appears to be a swamp which they are crossing with a somewhat worried (or perhaps stunned) look on their faces. One all two familiar, to be frank. The one we saw when Walter White got himself into trouble Jesse Pinkman created. And to tease us even more, the caption reads: “Even sooner.” At this point, we’re itching to know what this is all about.


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