British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday set out a four-step plan to ease coronavirus restrictions, expressing a hope that life could get back to normal by the end of June. In a statement to parliament, he outlined a “gradual and cautious” approach to lifting curbs in England, starting with the return of students to schools from 8 March, and non-essential retail from 12 April.

Some fans could be able to attend sporting fixtures from 17 May while all social distancing restrictions could be removed from 21 June, all subject to change and depending on scientific data.

Boris Johnson

The announcement is the first big step towards restoring normal life, nearly a year after Johnson imposed the first of three stay-at-home orders that have devastated the country and its economy. Johnson told MPs that with a mass vaccination programme across the country easing pressure on overstretched hospitals, “the end really is in sight”. A wretched year will give way to spring and summer that will be very different and incomparably better than the picture we see around us today,” he added.

The Conservative prime minister, who was accused of acting too late and relaxing curbs too early last year, called the plan “cautious but irreversible” to ensure no more lockdowns. Britain is one of the countries hardest-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 120,000 deaths.

In other news – Zodwa Wabantu in serious trouble

Zodwa Wabantu has been called out by some social media users who noticed that she has consistently been ignoring the regulation to wear a face mask in public spaces. Zodwa Wabantu took to Instagram on Sunday, 21 February 2021, to show the hard work she has been putting into her chicken and egg business, as she has been personally delivering her produce to clients.

Zodwa Wabantu

The latest video showed her visiting the 7 Star Salon, which she has endorsed on multiple occasions, to deliver orders to the staff. Learn more

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