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Calboy Reveals He Was Rejected From Kanye West’s “DONDA”

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Calboy reveals that, much like Soulja Boy, his verse was also cut from Kanye West’s new album “DONDA.”

During the creation of his tenth studio album DONDA, Kanye West seemingly held open auditions for everybody that’s somebody in the hip-hop world, including features from JAY-Z, Kid Cudi, Fivio Foreign, Lil Baby, Playboi Carti, KayCyy Pluto, Jay Electronica, and many more. Despite there being an abundance of features on the project, which many fans have been praising this week, Soulja Boy claimed that he was left off of “Remote Control” after submitting his vocals. Chris Brown is also seemingly angry about being left off the album (despite his inclusion on “New Again”), calling Kanye a “hoe” on social media.

Apparently, those two aren’t the only ones that are upset about not being included on the album, because Chicago rapper Calboy has officially chimed in on the matter, claiming that he too was rejected from appearing on the tracklist.

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Responding to Soulja Boy, who leaked his verse on “Remote Control,” Calboy said, “Ima leak mine too …n***as ain’t gone keep running off with my sauce either. Lol I’m not mad Juss saying fuck y’all !”

Similarly, Calboy spoke out a few months ago and blasted Pop Smoke’s team for leaving him off of Faith. It seems as though Calboy isn’t one to play about industry politics, and if somebody does him dirty, he’s going to call it out.

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What do you think about Calboy being left off of DONDA?

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