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Can You Guess The Famous SA Parents To These Grown Hotties? It seems every celeb is getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant these days and whilst it seems the entertainment industry is filled with young parents, we thought we’d make a list of these stars who’ve been doing the parenting thing for a long time.

Whilst these stars are still killing the game, their children are carving out their own paths and some following in their footsteps. These celebrity kids who are now grown ups are spitting images of their famous parents, would you tell with little hints?

Check out the beauties who call some of Mzansi’s biggest stars their parents. Let’s see if you can tell who’s child is it anyway. Answers are below.

1. Her mother is an actress on one of the biggest telenovelas right now playing a role she auditioned for on twitter.

2. His father is a well respected hitmaker and DJ who has worked with most people in the music industry.

3. Her mother is a legendary actress who has been in the industry for two decades. Currently on Uzalo

4. Her mother is an actress turned entrepreneur in the events planning industry

5. Her mother is not only an actress but TV and film producer along with her husband


  1. Rami Chuene
  2. Oskido
  3. Baby Cele
  4. Sophie Ndaba
  5. Connie Ferguson


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