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Cardi B Loses Her Wig After Performing “Rodeo” Duet With Lil Nas X In London

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The “Wireless Festiva”l in London was the scene for Cardi B’s most frantic display in months.

Cardi B’s appearance at Wireless Festival last night, came at the cost of her physical wellness, as she ascertained over Twitter following her set. On a positive note, Cardi B’s was blessed to have Lil Nas X on hand for a special performance of “Rodeo.” She would later provide concert footage of their duet via Twitter, replete with a heartfelt thank you to Lil Nas X for making the time and effort.

Unfortunately, for all she gained in support from the crowd, she suffered twice over in calluses and physical pain (stemming from her tireless work rate) – the physical symptoms started to form once the adrenaline quieted down, and Cardi was left to her own devices in the dressing room. 

During her manic spree, Cardi B claimed that she didn’t have her bearings when she tossed her wig into the crowd. As you can see, Cardi wound up groveling over its self-afflicted loss. “I GOT CARRIED AWAY …….I want my wig back:/ Dm me,” she rued over Twitter. Bardi fans tried assuaging her by surmising that her headpiece was likely already up for auction on eBay – “SELLIN FOR MILLIONSSSSSS,” as one fan pointed out shortly thereafter.


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