Casanova Details His Prison Diet Of Honeybuns & Ramen Noodles On “Snack Review”

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Casanova professes his undying love for the “honey bun” in this week’s “Snack Review.”

“Come on, n***as know my body!” begins Cas, getting his game face on. “I’m not gymming.” Upon hitting the bodega, Cas beelines directly for the sandwich counter, weighing his options before settling on “honey glazed turkey on a roll.” Sadly, the scarcity of the “goodies” selection is a true foul, prompting Cas to lament on the spot’s utter lack of variety. Never healthy, though.

Upon his return, Cas opts for the breakdown, explaining that chips can and should be an integral part of any sandwich. “Gives it a little more zang,” says Cas. He also co-signs Martinellis Apple Juice, naming it as a GOAT level beverage. “I don’t know who made this, but they put their heart in this. And their soul. I just want to tell them, from the bottom of my heart, I love you. They’re expensive though, so I walk lightly with them.”

He also pledges loyalty to “Dorval Sugar Straws,” joking that “I think this what gave me cavities since I been a little kid.” Yet the centerpiece of the meal is the Hero sandwich, which he breaks down with loving precision. “This is the kit right here,” he announces. “Honey glaze turkey. Lettuce, cheese, and tomato. Salt and vinegar. Mayo. Pepper jack cheese. If you interview somebody from New York and they don’t get a Hero, they not from New York.”

Sadly, the chip selection left a little to be desired. “Usually a bodega got dope chips,” he explains. “You get to try a new chip, like lemme try these and see if these good.” While he may have been left disappointed on that front, he makes sure to look back on his childhood favorites, which happen to include a fiendish love of sunflower seeds. Yet his true love lies with the honey bun. “You can live off honeybuns,” he says. “In jail, I ordered like 50 honey buns and ramen noodle soup. I been good!”

Check out the latest episode of “Snack Review’ now, and stay tuned for news episode dropping every Friday. 

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