The “Good For That” hit maker took to social media and shared a humorous video of his time with his barber and himself at home. The rapper was getting his edges straightened and could not help but have some fun with his barber. This is not the first time that Cassper has given his barber a shoutout on social media. The man is behind his classic look from the last “Fill Up” edition when Cassper had the monochromatic hairstyle of blond and black hairstyle. But who is Tsepo the Barber?

Well, the man is the barber to some of the biggest male entertainers in the game. His clientele has names like Black Coffee, Focalistic, Mlindo the Vocalist and Kwesta all on his roster. The versatility of the barber is evident with the celebrity list that call him to make house calls as they all have different specifications when handling their hair. And seemingly, Tsepo gives them all what they want. 
The recent video showcases Tsepo cutting Cassper’s edges so clean that from any view that he looked from it was still on fleek. The video showcases Tsepo taking the opportunity of using Cassper’s vast backyard to check if he did the things that needed to be done to make sure that Mufasa’s mane is on point.

The video might have been a copy of the viral video that some tweeps could not help but highlight that Cassper allegedly copied. But as one response to the remark reminded us all that there is rarely an “original” thought, so let the man have his fun.  Once the matter of the video’s inspiration was moved out of the way tweeps then realized another interesting detail about Tsepo.

Moreover, tweeps started coming up with variations on his name. And the nicknames were nothing short of comical. From variations like Don’t Smoke to Pop Gas, tweeps let their creativity take them everywhere and anywhere.

Image credit: Instagram


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