Cassper Shares Useful Tips For Artists To Make More Money

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Cassper Shares Useful Tips For Artists To Make More Money. In an entertainment industry it has been proven that limiting yourself can only get you so far but setting yourself for challenges can grant you even more fruits. Cass decided to share useful tips to help artists grow financially.

As an artist that managed to succeed using versatility Cass said that musicians must make sure to diversify their fan base to be able to accumulate more income.

“As an artist make sure you diversify your fan base, portfolio and income streams. Look for new spaces all the time and explore them,” she wrote.

When Cassper first exposed himself as a versatile artists who tapped mostly on AmaPiano and Kwaito, he was judged to a point where he felt disregarded by SA hip hop.

“My fans are not hip hop fans. It’s people from all walks of life. I have to cater for my market. Besides that, Hip Hop don’t see me as their guy anyway. Im the other guy & im enjoying just bejng myself without these unwritten SA hip hop rules. I just wanna be Nje & have fun,” said Mufasa.


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