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Cassper’s Response To Question On AKA Calling A Truce! AKA recently tweeted responding to a tweet were Cassper was talking about how he and AKA could never get along.

AKA has decided to move on from the whole beef situation with Cassper asking everyone else to move on. A fan went on to ask Cassper if he was OK with AKA now since he made his statement.

“So vele Cassper ushap. With what the nigger said? I mean his right both yol are doing well now. No need to talk or be buddies with him. Fetsang daai ding mara oska tseba le yena. You don’t need to be friends,” tweeted the fan.

“Ke shapo ka daai mane hlemn. Ke shapo,” read Cassper’s response to the fan. This basically shows that both the rappers have finally decided to move on from their longstanding beef.


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