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Monkeypox can be stopped outside endemic countries – WHO

The monkeypox outbreaks in non-endemic countries can be contained and human-to-human transmission of the virus stopped, the World Health Organization said Monday. Fewer than 200 confirmed and suspected cases had been recorded so far, the WHO’s emerging disease lead Maria Van Kerkhove said. “This is a containable situation, particularly in …

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Today’s Love Horoscope for 24 May 2022

Are you ready to plan your day for the infinite possibilities that could be coming your way? Make sure to prepare accordingly by viewing the daily love horoscope and more suitable information below! TODAY’S LOVE HOROSCOPE FROM AROUND THE WORLD: Do you Want to know what the future holds? Get …

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Double chocolate softness with each bite you take

Love experimenting with unique flavours? This delightful milo muffins recipe gives you a double chocolate punch with a complex malt taste. They are not overly sweet, but just the perfect balance of sweet and saltiness. Made with whole wheat flour and Milo powdered drink fortified with vitamins and minerals, this …

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