CCTV Footage Captures Robbers Stealing Car Brainbox [Watch]

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A video has emerged on the internet of two men breaking the window of a car parked by the roadside as they stole the car’s engine control unit (ECU) popularly known as brainbox.

The ECU is an electronic device that regulates many of a vehicle’s important functions and has a direct impact on how well the car runs.

In a stunning CCTV footage, the two thieves were captured as they broke the smashed the glass of a Toyota Corolla and carried out their operation without any obstruction or challenged from passersby.

It is understood that the incident happened at Oba Akran road in Ikeja area of Lagos, on Tuesday morning.

From the CCTV footage, one of the robbers was seen on a motorcycle waiting, while his partner poured some substance to the window which broke the glass.

He then walked away from the car, then returned to open the car through the broken window and carried out his operation before mounting the waiting motorcycle and absconded.

A commentator in the video said the thieves stole the car’s brain box.

Another commentator could be heard saying that the robbers mixed salt and saliva to crack the glass of the car.

Watch the stunning clip below…

Car Theft, Lagos

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