Cheating Ruined Loyiso MacDonald’s Life And His Wife Wants A Divorce

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Loyiso MacDonald’s estranged wife has decided to file for divorce after years of living apart and accusations of infidelity on Loyiso’s part.

According to court documents obtained by City Press, “the plaintiff (Mathunzi Simphiwe MacDonald) is of the belief that there is no reasonable prospect of the restoration of a normal marriage relationship with the defendant (Loyiso MacDonald) … the parties have lost their mutual love and respect for each other”

Loyiso and his wife Mathunzi have been living separately from 2017 and Mathunzi claims that she is finding it hard to move on from the infidelity that her husband did and she termed it adultery, “the defendant has committed adultery and the plaintiff finds it irreconcilable to continue with the relationship; there is no meaningful communication between the parties.”

In the papers, Mathunzi also said that she that the assets will not be divided as is expected since they were married in a community of property. Loyiso will keep his car and will be responsible for paying it back.

Loyiso hogged the headlines a few years back after tabloids reported that he allegedly cheated on his wife Mathunzi, with fellow The Queen star Zandile Msutwana, but the actor has poured cold water onto the claims.

“It was fake news, it was b*llshit, people will always have something to say about anything that would get them clicks to sell their articles or their newspapers. I remember a Journalist very drunk at an event one night literally telling me that dude no hard feelings but, if we write something about you just understand if we cannot find something we will make up something”

Loyiso has spoken about how his wife shot her shot on him years ago on Facebook before he bagged his role on Isidingo. Loyiso has not said anything about the divorce.
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