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Chris Brown & Drake Party At Miami Hotspot In Different VIP Sections

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Chris Brown stopped by Drake’s table to say hi for a minute.

For years, Chris Brown and Drake were embroiled in a personal feud. They clearly did not like each other and considering they both have a history with Rihanna, it made sense. They made up before the end of 2018 though, partying together on New Year’s Eve and making sure to start off a new campaign with a bang. Since then, they’ve collaborated on their “No Guidance” record, which is featured on Breezy’s album Indigo. This week, they were both in Miami and they ended up hitting the same nightclub on Tuesday night. However, they were at separate tables, which led some to believe that the beef was on again.

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Thankfully, Chris and Drake are still friends; there just wasn’t enough room for both artists and their entourages at the same VIP table. According to Page Six, Breezy stopped by Mr. Jones without notice when Drake was already there. The promoters were not expecting him to show up and they could not set up a table large enough to accommodate each artist and their crew. CB did happen to stop by Drake’s table to say hi after they finished shooting the video for “No Guidance” though. They reportedly left as a duo at 3:30am to hit an afterparty nearby. 

The two artists reportedly spent a total of $10K between the two of them with Drake being extremely limited in the types of alcohol allowed in his section. He reportedly only allowed bottles of Virginia Black Whiskey and Mod Sélect Champagne to be served at his table, which are his brands.

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