There was this strange time in Hip Hop history when Chris Brown and Soulja Boy were engaged in a pretty serious beef. Finding articles detailing the timeline of their verbal war isn’t difficult, and while it made for interesting takes while the culture was in the thick of their tension, everyone is happy to see that they were able to shake hands and walk away from the drama without issue. Brown revisited that puzzling, yet intense time in his career with Drink Champs, and by the sound of things, he was truly that heated back in the day.

During the conversation, Noreaga suggested that when people move to Los Angeles, they get themselves entangled in “hood politics,” however, Brown seemed to disagree. He believes that those situations are avoidable, but if that is what someone wants to be involved in, that’s their decision.

Noreaga added that it didn’t work out for Soulja Boy. 

“I [have] to look at that situation as like, some funny, kiddy sh*t that n*ggas was going through, claiming the hood and honestly it just made the hood look bad,” said Brown. “Just even doing some weirdo, corny ass sh*t. That was some real light-skinned corny sh*t to be doin’… So, for me, I was just like, all that sh*t is dead. Ain’t nobody trippin’ off that sh*t.”

“It was just—Soulja is a character, man. Once you get to know him and know that it’s really all love, [it’s like,] ‘You straight.’ All that sh*t, I look back on that like, ‘Damn I really finna fire blood sh*t up. Nah, it ain’t even worth it. That sh*t stupid.’ But it’s cool, everything all good.”

Check out the clip of Brown’s interview below as well as his Drink Champs appearance in full.