“Come ready to dance and sing” says Sal Masekela

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“Come ready to dance and sing” says Sal Masekela

Masekela delivered a statment on behalf of the family earlier today



In a press conference held earlier today in Johannesburg, friends and family of the recently deceased Hugh Masekela thanked the public for the wonderful stories they have been sharing since news of his death first broke.



Recounting what has has seen in the days since, his son Sal Masekela (speaking on behalf of the family) said “the passion with which this man was loved, it’s… it’s just incredible. We just can’t stop marvelling at the fact that here we are, days later, in a world where news is disposable… things go away quickly and people get emotional about something and then it’s on to the next and it has been incredible to see, everyday the passion with which the world wants to continue to celebrate…”



Sal also spoke about his father’s upcoming memorial saying it will be a musical celebration of his life, featuring different artists that he has collaborated with as well as other artists.[tooltip id=”4500c2f113202943ff1ae30d00c9d4ac”] [/tooltip]“Basically, we’re going to have an incredible party on Sunday and if you don’t come ready to dance and sing then you probably shouldn’t attend,” he added.


Multiple memorials will be held this weekend and will culminate on Sunday, the 28th of January at the University of Johannesburg’s Soweto campus.

Masekela’s funeral service on the other hand, will be a private event for family and close friends and details will be communicated to them at a later stage.



Those who were watching the memorial however were somewhat distracted by Sal’s new appearance. Namely, the fact that he has joined the beard gang.


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