Do2tun has also tweeted his support for Cynthia Morgan.

In case you missed the drama: Morgan went on an Instagram Live chat, during which she talked about how she fell out with her record label (owned by Jude Okoye), lost her name and her royalties. She added that she doesn’t have access to her VeVo account anymore; she suffered so much losses and has been battling depression ever since. Her revelation moved folks, with many launching a campaign to bring her back to the spotlight.

Just like Peter Okoye did, Do2tun has now tweeted his support for Cynthia Morgan He also described Jude Okoye’s actions as mere wickedness.

“On the real I don’t understand why we all don’t see how wrong these things can turn out. Cynthia Morgan was a promising artiste. This girl was literally on fire. You took her name, took her growth. Why can’t you renegotiate? This has moved from just business to sheer wickedness,” he said.

He continued, “I don’t think some things are right. She literally kept quiet for this long. wow!… Cynthia Morgan was a praaaaaablem! .. you had a talent like that and instead of growing it and owning it, you threw it away and decided to ruin it… for what really?”

Do2tun also promised to give Morgan a boost if she ever returned with new music.

See his tweets below:

cynthia morgan, jude okoye


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