Corrazerwas’ EP, Talm in die Nou, dances with the human condition with a masterfully experimental bent – Texx and the City


Experimental by nature, Talm in die Nou traces the never-ending ups and downs of our time in this mortal plane with tact, humility, and heart-stirring musicianship.

Corrazerwas’ voice, warm and with the gruffness of a life experienced rather than lived, keeps the EP grounded in Afrikaans folk as, around him, the music explores and merges the worlds of blues, country, and even reggae.

Take, for example, “Groot Drakenstein”. Characterised by a preference for dissonance this desert-blues number pushes unrelenting into the universal headwinds of trying to find a place in the world, its inherent tenderness and vulnerability backed by unwavering conviction.

There’s the slightest hint of contempt in Corrazerwas’ vocals in the title track as he looks out to the horizon and sees his next heartbreak that gives the country-leaning track an almost sarcastic swagger, adding to the song’s live-in-the-moment ethos.

Appropriately “Vredespyp” gets the reggae treatment as it asks for a freedom pipe to be lit and passed around in the hopes of bringing disagreeing parties to some kind of harmonious middle-ground, its message of co-existence in the face of discord.

My only qualm with the EP comes in the form of the closing ballad “Dae Soos Die”. Almost sickeningly schmaltzy it makes no bones about the fact that it resides entirely within cheesy, gooey conventions. That being said I suppose effortless familiarity is as good a way as any of bringing such an engaging and explorative album back to earth.

Feature pic by Wayde Flowerday

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