COTP Trading Platform is Back For Business 2022 May


The latest COTP News Today has it that COTP trading platform is now back for business after a week off due to SMS notification issue. COTP is legit and not scam. cotp arbitrage trading is back as The digital currency service platform giant announced this on their dashboard. Many have doubted id COTP will ever come back. This follows from the COTP sms notification issue. The cotp-crypto otc trading platform is now working as usual and traders can now withdraw and deposit money as many times as the wish. The COTP platform allows you to place one fast order every two hours and up to twelve fast transactions per day, each of which can generate profit. After two Hours the frozen amount will be returned to your balance and you will be able to accept orders.

What other evidence do we need to prove that the platform is not scam after all. I know that many have lost hope of this platform Everly coming back again. well Cotp have surprised every by proving that the are legit as binance is.

COTP is Back Announcement

Cotp announce on its platform that the are back for business. The message which appear on every COTP memeber profile trading dashboard written in Portuguese and when translated read as follow: I want everyone to know, someone said this same issue happened back in march and it was resolved, stay positive! If you are not a part of COTPS stay out of it, appreciate it until the site is shut down we are still in it.

COTP system notification update surfaced today when I opened my app which reads that they are having processing issues with binance and that by 22nd of May 2022, all regions around the globe will be able to withdraw with working sms.


How To Create account On COTP Now That The Platform is back:

To creat account for new users that now trust this platform, follow the simple steps below:

  • Visit the COTP platform portal:
  • Create your personal account
  • Confirm your Phone number by entering the SMS code sent to you
  • Fund your USDT account through binance or any other means
  • Check your dashboard to see if the USDT crypto is now updated. If yes, follow the steps below to perform your first Trading.

How to Trade on Cotp dashboard (cotp is Back)


1. Go to the menu buttons below and locate”TRANSACTION HALL”…


3. Wait for the system to pick your orders till you see *”SELL”* BUTTON. Now click on SELL.

4. Final click on  CONFIRM!

5. *REPEAT* process till your wallet balance is below 5usdt.

6. In the next 2 hours, all your funds plus PROFIT will return to your WALLET BALANCE!

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