Court Orders French #MeToo Founder, Sandra Muller To Pay Thousands in Damages After Losing A Defamation Case

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Court orders French #MeToo founder,?Sandra Muller to pay thousands in damages after losing a defamation case

A court in Paris has ordered the founder of France’s #MeToo movement to pay thousands of euros in damages for defaming a man by accusing him of making lewd comments about her.


Back in October 2017, French journalist Sandra Muller accused television producer Eric Brion of making the comments about her at a party and shared the details on Twitter, using the hashtag #balancetonporc, which roughly translates to “squeal on your pig.”


Ultimately, her story inspired thousands of others to share their experiences of sexual harassment and assault, catapulting France’s national discourse on sexualized violence into the global spotlight.


A French court has now ordered Muller to pay €15,000 ($16,500) in damages to Brion, as well as €5,000 ($5,500) of legal fees. She has also been ordered to delete the tweeted comments and to share the court’s statements on her account.


In June, Brion acknowledged to the court that he made the inappropriate remarks, but said he apologized for them by text message the day after.


Meanwhile, Muller’s lawyer, Francis Szpiner, tweeted that that they would be appealing the court’s decision.

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