Cristiano Ronaldo’s employee reportedly crashes his R33m Bugatti Veyron


Cristiano Ronaldo‘s car has been involved in a crash in Majorca. The smash is being investigated by the local police’s traffic service – but involved Ronaldo’s £1.7million Bugatti Veyron. The driver – who is reportedly not Ronaldo but one of his bodyguards – lost control and skidded into a wall in the residential estate of Sa Coma, Bunyola, Palma de Majorca, where the Manchester United star is currently holidaying with his family.

The front of the Bugatti has believed to have been wrecked with investigators revealing no other vehicle was involved. As well as local police employed by Bunyola Town Hall, Civil Guard officers also attended the scene.

At 11am the car crashed into the door of a country house and into a butane bottle booth, which has been completely destroyed, near the Joan March Hospital. The driver of the car did not suffer any injuries and is believed to have signed an accident report.

One well-placed source said: “The car smashed into a wall but there was only material damage with no-one injured and the driver accepted full responsibility for what happened.

“The information about who was behind the wheel and what occurred is registered on a police database and is there for a court or officers to access if any further investigations need to be conducted.

“But it is more a case of the information needing to be registered so the owner of the property that was damaged can put in a compensation claim and use the police report as a back-up in case there is any dispute down the line about how the damage was done. Another insider added: “The accident happened on a minor road near Joan March Hospital.

“The car appears to have come off the road and has hit a wall which forms part of the protection to a house with a gas canister deposit behind it.

“An employee of Cristiano’s was apparently driving at the time and not Cristiano. He was definitely not at the scene when officers arrived. Respected island newspaper Cronica Balear said the unnamed bodyguard got out of the car to continue his journey and left other staff employed by the star at the scene to receive the police.

Source: thesun

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