April 12, 2021
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Damion Neville Speaks On Being Acquitted Of Mystikal’s Sister’s 1994 Murder

Damion Neville Speaks On Being Acquitted Of Mystikal’s Sister’s 1994 Murder

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In 1994, rapper Mystikal’s sister, Michelle Tyler, was viciously murdered. Damion Neville was charged and acquitted, and he’s speaking about it candidly for the first time.

In September 1994, Michelle Tyler, rapper Mystikal’s sister, was brutally murdered. According to reports, 29-year-old Michelle Tyler was found in her family home, stabbed and strangled to death. She suffered 16 wounds and investigators turned their attention to Michelle’s boyfriend at the time, Damion Neville— grandson of Charles Neville of the Neville Brothers. Damion was arrested, charged, and later acquitted of the crime, and for the first time ever, he’s speaking about the case.

Damion Neville chatted with the Murder Master Music Show exclusively about the charges and subsequent case, alleging that he was beaten by New Orleans police officer into confessing. “They handcuffed me to the table and the first thing they asked me is, ‘Where is the dope?” Damion said. “And they didn’t ask me sh*t about the girl until I denied having the dope. They punched me in my face, kicking me in my chest, my f*ckin’ face swole up, I could barely talk. They had me in there in eight hours beating my ass all about the drugs! I had no clue what was going on until they said something to me.”

“They choked me out, had a gun to my head, and told me I did it and me being a twenty-year-old, I’m trying to live so I said, ‘Alright, I done it,” Damion Neville later added. “They asked me how I did it. I said I don’t know and bop they hit me again. Eight hours later they put me on the tenth floor trying to say I was f*ckin’ crazy after they whooped my ass trying to find out where the dope was and I didn’t give it up so they tried to get me for murder.”

“The sh*t is so crazy and it goes in so many different directions,” he continued. “What happened was when I got to the location of the crime scene, my mother called me and said, ‘Come home now!'” When Damien got home, he didn’t see Michelle. “When I went, everybody was standing outside and I saw everybody but my girl! I jumped out the vehicle and tried to run to the door and they tackled me. The two officers that tackled me, they whisked me in the car and took me off. I had no clue these dudes was apart of whatever they were apart of. “

“I was found not guilty, they didn’t have no evidence, they didn’t have f*ckin’ nothing on me because I wasn’t even home,” said Damion. “People saw me and other people knew I wasn’t there. Even the brother (Mystikal) came downstairs and said I wasn’t there.” Listen to Damion Neville speak candidly about the scandal below. 


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