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DaniLeigh Shares Adorable Photos Of Baby Girl: “The Eyes, The Smirk”

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The proud mom can’t stop boasting about her chubby-cheeked little one.

Whenever their names are together, there is controversy afoot, but DaniLeigh and ex-boyfriend DaBaby have also faced some scandals individually. As a pair, the two are co-parenting after welcoming their baby girl into the world just a few months ago, but their happy home quickly turned sour in an epic blowout that was played out for a global audience on Instagram Live. 

DaBaby recently penned notes about being at the peak of his career while enduring tragic losses that include his father and brother. As those messages were being shared online, DaniLeigh has also popped up on social media with new photos of their daughter.

Tasia Wells / Stringer / Getty Images

The couple has yet to share their baby girl’s name, but fans are just getting first looks at the newborn’s face. It was suggested that DaniLeigh wanted to keep prying eyes away from her child as she was seen in videos attempting to cover her daughter’s face. Following their explosive social media argument, DaBaby revealed his baby girl to his followers.

Now that her face has been shown, both parents have opted to continue to posts images of their little one. “It’s the eyes , the smirk , and the face for me,” DaniLeigh recently wrote in a caption to several pictures of her baby girl. Check out DaniLiehg latest adorable photos below.

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