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Danny Green Set For Rivalry With Kawhi Leonard, Inks Deal With Lakers

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Danny Green puts pen to paper on a $30 million with the Lakers.

Now that Kawhi Leonard has signed with the Clippers, worrywarts like Danny Green are free to settle for the scraps. Among them, Danny Green was certainly looking out for his best interests as he bid his time going into week two of Free Agency. His latent approach gave NBA pundits the impression he would mirror Kawhi predestined path in Free Agency; but alas, the Clippers’ brass was of a different mind.

Well as it turns out, Danny Green wasn’t necessarily banking on Kawhi to lead the way, but shore up the marketplace for wing players such as themselves. At this point in Green’s career, re-upping with Toronto remained a remote possibility, even without Kawhi Leonard in the mix. But, in the end, the Los Angeles Lakers were willing to offer him the most $ and term, so Green accepted their offer of a 2-year contract valued at $30 million, as per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. 

As per ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne., the Lakers will also flesh out their roster by re-signing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope for 2 years at $16 million, and JaVale McGee for 2 years at $8.2 million, of which the final year constitutes a player option. All in all, Danny Green’s playoff mettle will certainly come in handy if the Lakers are to rebound from their decade-long spell. Hit us with your thoughts down below.


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