Daz Dillinger Retires From Rap: "It's Not Fun No More"


Another rapper is officially easing his way into retirement. Daz Dillinger is a legend not only in the West Coast Rap scene but in Hip Hop history. Known for his extensive catalog, work on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic and Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle, being a part of The Dogg Pound with Kurupt, and being a member of Death Row Records, Daz’s talents are etched into an era that has gone down as one of the greatest period’s of Hip Hop. 

As all things do, Rap has evolved and shifted into new sounds and spaces, and Daz suggested that while Hip Hop was once about having a good time, that doesn’t seem to be the genre’s focus these days.

On Instagram, Daz Dillinger uploaded an image that reads: “The legend had officially retired since 2022 Not my problem anymore.” He had a few more words to add in the caption.

“IM DONE RAPPIN CUZ ITS OVER FOR ME [fire emoji],” wrote Daz. “IT WAS NICE WHEN IT WAS [fire emoji] BUT ITS NOT FUN NO MORE. SO IMA CALL IT QUITS [100 emoji][thumbs up emoji][red rose emoji] THIS MY LAST POST.” Well, it wasn’t quite his last, because the Rap icon shared some good news with his followers; it seems that Dillinger purchased a new space in Atlanta that will now be the home of the Dogg Pound Sound Stage Studios.

Daz revealed that it is four acres of land and added, “This what retiring is all about.” Congrats on the new venture! Check out Daz Dillinger’s posts below.

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