Dear Nigerian Music Fans: We’ve got some learning and Unlearning to do


It’s another wonderful Sunday Morning and today, I woke up in a Radio Station. It’s a long story as to how I woke up here, considering that I don’t even work in radio. At least not anymore. Anyways, I’m listening to this groove by an Artiste called E-Racz and the Song is titled Mixing It. For a little Perspective as to why I’m listening to this, let’s talk about the music shall we.

Mixing it is a song talking about the social activities and challenges of the young people in Nigeria. It is a groovy song with soothing rhythm. It is great song for parties and waking up; apparently.

Nigerian youths make up a huge population of the Nation hence the Importance of this song cannot be under emphasized. LISTEN HERE

As a young person in his mid 20s. This one hits home. But let’s forget about me and my waking up condition as well as what I am listening to at this point let’s talk as Nigerian Music Fans. We’ve got some learning and unlearning to do.

It’s been a great few years for Nigerian Music, Afrobeats has definitely gone to the world and it is a joyful thing that our music has gone from strength to strength. However, it is a most painful incident to be on the fence while trying to enjoy the music; because the fans have turned milestones to battles. The moment, you try to get into the conversation, you are labelled one thing or the other.

Here’s to a little learning and unlearning shall we:


There is literally NO Nigerian Artiste that can claim to have started and completed the ‘Afrobeats to the world’ movement. Some artists might want to say nobody paved the way for them, some fans might even agree. But we know that the movement has gone on for long. Except for the kids born in the 2000s. No Offence.

Won’t talk about it much sha.

Long story short; Stop fighting everybody. If they say for instance that your fave does not have a grammy, take it with your full chest, factually and statistically, your fave might not have a grammy; rest.

Nigerian artists are not your leaders, compare those guys instead. Every two minutes; frog or gorilla, frog or eagle, eagle or gorilla. Even artistes that don’t have a spirit animal yet are being compared. Somebody almost fought with me because I refused to choose one between two artists. I’m tired. Not everybody wants to be drawn into these conversations. Can we have healthy conversations about music already?

Every not so talented Nigerian has an opinion, “this person no sabi dress, this person never marry, see as that one dress“, my brother calm down. Somebody has something that you do not have. At least, try dey thank God for another person grace. No be fight. Somebody just met Rihanna, you people will say Rihanna was looking for another person. Wetin concern you? Who you don meet? Be resting, please.

I was legit talking to someone recently and I was impressed by how much he knew about music and all until I mentioned ‘Santi’ and he didn’t know the guy. I was ‘shook’ to my bone marrow. It was almost inexcusable. Then I started throwing out names and I realized that this guy only wanted to dance. His knowledge didn’t transcend the ability to dance in the club and go home.

It hit me. If you can’t dance to it, it’s most likely not a hit. But there are several genres you could listen to and enjoy. As a test, try listening to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and see if you go past the fifth minute.

It’s probably the most nonsensically written song but the world loves it. I do too!!


You’re probably not even at this point. The shoe probably fits. You don dey para for Twitter sef. Nobody is fighting you. This post is not in a bid to harass you. I’m just saying, try to know more, try to live a little, try to enjoy the moments. Let it not be said that “African’s fought each other rather than enjoy collective glory.”

That’s my two cents!

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