Deniro Farrar Proves Unflappable During The Latest HNHH Freestyle Session

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Deniro Farrar certainly isn’t a stranger to our audiences, as he figures among the most forthright of our guests, to appear before our camera crew for a tell-all interview – during which the North Carolina rapper explained the meaning behind the burgeoning “Cult Rap movement” he finds himself at the center of. However, during a recent visit to our NY offices, Deniro Farrar let his rap skills do the brunt of the damage – for his inaugural submission towards our longstanding HNHH Freestyle series. 

Two weeks, Queen Key (repping Chicago) was kind enough to do the same, in our 62nd-ever installment in the series. Watch closely as Deniro Farrar makes good sense of the ill-boding instrumental at his wake. Unviewable to the audience, but readily part of his every being, Farrar’s insistence (lyrically) on “retaliation” isn’t meant to provoke the bedwetters. In truth, Farrar has thus established himself, a utilitarian rapper-by-trade, one that seldom incites conspicuous thought in the listener. While on the topic, why not give his February release of The Re-Up a second or third listen, right here. Enjoy!

Quotable Lyrics:

I usually don’t say my name, but…
Let me introduce myself
Bout it, bout it
What’s the word?

– Deniro Farrar

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