July 29, 2021
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Denzel Curry Admits: “I Hate Rapping”

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Denzel Curry tweets in frustration about the music industry and how he doesn’t enjoy rapping anymore.

Denzel Curry is frustrated. He’s been around the industry for so long and still, he doesn’t get the respect that he deserves. He’s one of the hottest lyricists in modern rap, and his intensity and emotion are unmatched. He can rap circles around a lot of today’s most buzzing rappers. But still, for some reason, he’s still slept on profoundly.

It’s all starting to get to the Florida native, who has been opening up for several weeks on social media.

This week, he made his most startling revelation, admitting that he doesn’t enjoy rapping anymore and that his “spark” is going out.

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“I felt I was obligated to make hype shit cause ULTIMATE and SUMO cause it goes crazy at shows and it’s crazy lyrical but the hype shit I been doing feels force now and I’m not as angry as I was,” said Denzel on Twitter, speaking about the change between then and now in his music and seemingly inspiring his rant. “Everyone else fail to recognize my genius and influence But you guys get me.”

He went on to explain why he’s tired of the games played in the music industry, revealing that he feels he’s only a subject of interest, especially during interviews, because of his connection to the late XXXTentacion. 

“People can’t say how they really when it comes down to work and quite frankly I feel unappreciated a lot and I’m sick of it,” said Zeltron. “Interviews only talk to me to ask about Jahs life … bro if they really wanted to know him they should’ve asked him when he was here to actually speak for himself. How many years I have to do to get the respect I deserve.”

Finally, he said: “I hate rapping. I watched my hobby that I did in my room become something I can’t even enjoy anymore because everyone has a opinion. I live in a era where you make a few good songs you die then become a legend. In that case Fuck being legendary. […] This music industry is bullshit I gotta play a stupid game for me to succeed it’s not about the music anymore if it was you’ll hear a balance of conscious rap along with everything else being played today.”

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